August 01, 2006

Back in San Francisco

After enduring a 13hr flight on a dilapidated United Airlines 747, I'm finally back in San Francisco. The flight was horrible - the food was inedible, the staff was inept, and I didn't even get my own personal entertainment terminal, and United's cost-cutting measures meant that honest paying customers had to put up with a set of B movies. Thank god I was able to weasel my way into Economy Plus (which is only marginally better than Economy but has the benefit of additional leg-room).

I now have to deal with Real Life again. Find a place to live. Wear shoes and socks. Buy a car. Buy furniture. Shave often.

I did, however, thoroughly enjoy my first burrito at El Farolito (24th and Mission in SF).

For those of you who are headed to Hong Kong, here's a short list of restaurants that I recommend:

Spring Deer (Kowloon): Fantastic Roast Duck, Peking-style. It takes 35 minutes to prepare and you have to buy the whole bird. But it's absolutely worth it.

Yung Kee (Central): Known for its Roast Goose (which is delicious). The whole menu looks good, though.

Times Square Upstairs Food Court (Causeway Bay): It's a little strange to go out of your way to go for Dim Sum in a mall, but it is worth it. The Dim Sum here was sublime. There are four floors of fancy-pants restaurants to choose from.

Happy Garden Noodle & Congee Kitchen (Kowloon): For cheap, honest cantonese food, this is place to come. It was packed with chinese people slurping noodles and congee.

My tailor, Winston Co (Far East Mansion, Kowloon) was excellent and very reasonably priced. He now has my measurements and is willing to ship me made-to-measure cotton dress shirts for $33US. Why buy off the rack anymore?